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Robot Clones of the World! Fight the Educational Oppressors!

What is one of the best things about being an adult? No longer having to prove yourself with exams. You can go your entire life, if you so choose, without having to meet anyone elses criteria of “good”. As long as you’re happy with you good you are, then why bother; I’m Number 1, so whay try harder? This, of course, is another of those bags of mess I keep mentioning, of which I have loads round the back of The Palace; must have a clean up before Christmas.

So, what is the goal of the education system? Are we trying to develop well-rounded young adults with a range of skills and interests, or are we simply cranking the handle on the robot machine to create more clones?

I feel it’s the latter, as industry has long been bemoaning the skills of the graduates our higher education institutions are disgorging. So, what is the point of increasing A-level difficulty? All it means is that students will now have to spend more time studying to reach the levels required to gain entry to their university of choice, only for it to vomit them, unemployable, into the job market where their narrow skill set makes them of little value to businesses?

The government has been trying to get more people into University for a while now, but, from the linked reports, it sounds like Universities are struggling to sort the wheat from the chaff as it is. Another case of lack of communication between the Government and the Real World.

Learning is a life’s work. School, while merely the first step on the path, is the most important, as it should provide the foundations on which a lifetime of knowledge is based. Forcing people to “specialise” in passing exams is the equivalent of building the house on the sandy shore.

Raising the “A” level pass criteria will result in less well-rounded and less-employable graduates, not the reverse.

Life Isn’t Fair

We know this. We’ve been told this so many times, we’re sick of it. Time and time again, RocketBootDad has, in response to my cries of “That’s not fair!”, said “Life isn’t fair.” But why? Is there any reason why it can’t be fair?

When you think about it, what we’re actually doing is telling our kids, from an early age, that Justice is flawed, that the concepts of Right and Wrong are completely pointless and that what it boils down to is what you can get away with, and what you can’t; Risk vs Reward.

Before children are beaten with The “Life Isn’t Fair” Stick to the point where Hope, Justice and Possibility lie Shattered beneath the Iron Jackboot of Cynicism, they ask The Right Question. Which is? Why.

There is a stage where a child will ask of its parent “Why?”, to which the parent will inevitably give some hastily fabricated web of nonsense. Undeflected, the child persists and eventually the exasperated parent roars “Because it just IS!!!!!!!“. Now, as I constantly find myself telling RocketBootKidKid, that’s not a real reason.

“Because it is” is the universal excuse given by all The Worlds adults to their offspring for the shit they’re going to inherit. Now, we rationalise this by saying that we want to protect them from the harsh realities of life. But my point is really; why do they need protected? Do there have to be any harsh realities?

To everyone whose brain has just gone “Yes”, I will say “Why?”, and then I’ll say “My point exactly!” Is there some genetic or biological or cosmological or any-ological reason why we can’t sort all the things which we rationalise by saying “Life isn’t fair”? I think we should all be able look at things and ask “Why?”, without our brain automatically answering “Because it just is.”

Because if we can’t, I fear it may be the death of us.