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There are some days in a social crusader’s life where it seems like the good fight is just never going to end. No matter how much energy I put into trying to educate you all on what’s wrong with the world today in my very worldly manner, there’s just something or someone else who’s going to come along and fuck it all up again.

But that’s where the negativity ends. In light of the somewhat melancholy, lights-down-low, soft-piano-music-on-the-jukebox kind of mood I’ve got the Palace swaying to tonight I’m not going to bitch about it. Too easy is it to slip into cynism and despair and cry havoc at those around us who claim to lead us. Too inviting is the obvious ageist/racist/homophobic rant or anti-rant (I’ll let you work that one out – I just can’t be bothered with proper sentence structure this evening).

No, what I’m going to do is something a little more difficult so bear with me for a moment.

You know when you’ve done something that, to you, is so cool that you can’t stop beaming about it and you have a big stupid grin on your face and you feel warm and content inside? Like, physically warmer on the inside? I like that.

You know when your mate is heading to the local shop (store if you’re in the US I guess) and when he comes back, he’s bought you a chocolate bar for no reason other than buying you a chocolate bar might please you? I like that.

You know those mornings when you wake up and you’re on the way to work and, all of a sudden, things start to feel Just Rightâ„¢ – your thoughts coalesce into this single stream of conciousness and nothing at all matters because right now, this very second, everything is right with the world? I like that. I like that one a lot.

You ever had a sneeze that’s made your whole body tingle? I like that.

I like a well formed sentence (more than I demonstrated earlier in this post anyway), a well put together query or a good solid use of a compound term. I like the proper and structured use of language and I like it when it is used subtly, moreso than I ever can.

You ever just hung out with yourself? Like, just you and maybe you’ve made yourself a nice dinner or you’ve gone for a walk or you’re just listening to some music and, without really becoming aware of becoming aware, you realise your smiling and you’re having a really good time and that’s just cool? I like that.

I like it when people let me skip ahead of them in the queue at the supermarket because I only have a couple of things.

I like it when complete stangers smile back at me when I’m walking in the park. I like seeing couples out holding hands, walking slowly and generally soaking up each other’s existence. I like the idea that to them I don’t exist. I like the fact that to others, I do.

I like it when the news has that one story about the guy who did the thing and wasn’t it crazy when it all happened, because, yeah – yeah it was totally crazy and I thankyou for telling me. I like it when I get a stupid answer to a serious question and a serious answer to a stupid question. I like the colour blue and the number 7. I don’t know why I like them as much as I do and I like that fact.

I like being proven wrong; I like to learn new things. You know when someone admits they’re wrong? I like that. But I also like it when people who think they might be wrong but just go with the gut feeling anyway because something inside says “do it”.

I like being told I’m doing a good job. I like being told I’m doing a bad job, but I like it better when I’m told I’m doing a good job.

I like the idea that right now you’re maybe thinking: “What the fuck is this all about?” (I like the fact I can say “fuck”). I like the fact that, even if I knew you, I wouldn’t have to explain myself, but I also like that I’m gonna anyway.

It’s too easy to forget that we like liking things a lot more than we like hating things. One is harder to admit than the other, and the other all to easily becomes default and [Forgive the sentence that didn’t end. It’s my fault. Had to give BoosterBoy some electroshock to keep him on topic and it always screws with his short term memory. Ed.].

Not liking things is as easy as pretending it’s not even there. Ignoring it is almost the same thing as not liking it and takes nearly no effort. Liking things and making sure others know you like them takes effort and can be hard work, offers no guarantee of reciprocation and can lead to exposure and embarassment.

And I like that.

What do you like?

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