Blogger goes Baby Bonkers!

I’m a big fan of Blogger’s “Next Blog” button, but someone has hijacked it. Pretty much every third site it takes me to today is something to do with babies. Now, either someone out there is sending a bizarre message to bloggers (“Stop typing and start having babies!”) or my sub-conscious has managed to connect to Blogger on some unseen level and is presenting me with baby information.

I’m happy to receive baby information; having been one myself, it’s nice to know how babies are doing these days. It’s like a newsletter for former pupils, letting you know just you successful the school bully is these days. The problem is, the information is garbage. Here’s an extract: “is 1276834 I into which normal I a I 2 time though is baby gift list a bankroll of Just the Lady MSBC times $30+$3 are + BABY GIFT LIST Limit smart the also never need the When (1988) will post…”

This isn’t even Engrish. It’s garbish, that’s what it is. There are barely a string of more than three words which are allowed to live next to each other within the rules of English grammar.

Just tried again: “What it out there And we up From included others have the have what? and pay talking lie, has have for folds”. Again, garbish. If they’re trying to sell us something, it’s not working. If its Marketing, or PR, its not working. The only thing that springs to mind is that aliens are sending us plans for interstellar spacecraft and somehow Blogger is interpreting these signals as baby information, which it is then presenting to the world as blogs. Its like the Hollywood Sci-fi Carl Sagan motion picture experience Contact. We need Jodie Foster up in here.

I want to analyse this stuff, but it defies analysis. OK, fragments. “What it out there”. Could be a typo, “What is out there?” is a lucid, if broad, question. “And we up From”. Has From fallen over? Are you helping him up? “pay talking lie”. Politics? “has have for folds”. Obesity? My brain hurts.

Now its giving me nothing but porn! I should state that at no point have I specified “babies” or “porn” when using Blogger. At my age, I have enough experience with babies and considerable experience with porn. I do not need to be presented with either in a work environment. It is also spawning lots of other windows and minimising in a corner. These are all symptoms of psychological disorders: Multiple Personality Disorder with at least two dominant personalities, one baby and one pervert; cowering in the corner sounds like child abuse or some such.

Someone somewhere is being very mean to Blogger and I want them to stop. I’m getting mixed messages here…

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