History: Blast from The Past

The worst thing about being a blogger is when you don’t really know that much about what it is you are writing about. You have an idea for a post, but when you think about it, you find that what you think you know has no grounding in fact and cannot be borne out by your own experiences. So, do you can the post and wait for something you do know about to raise its ugly head? Or do you press on and write any old rubbish? Yes. That’s what I’m about to do. Its not like anyone ever comments on this stuff anyway.

So to History. I never took History at school. Couldn’t see the point. Will being able to recite the Kings of England in order get me a job at Burger King? Doubtful. It may get me a job in the press, but who these days can go home to their parents, hold their head up high and say “Mum, Dad, I work for a newspaper.” without being disowned? Its society-sponsored lies. Here’s fifty pence. Print what you like.

I never did History when I was a kid because I couldn’t see the point of learning about things that were done and dusted. How can something that happened hundreds of years ago be of any interest to me? Looking back, knowing what I know now, this is a short-sighted view. But I was only in my early teens, and this was back when being in your early teens didn’t necessarily mean you smoked Malboro Reds and had a kid with Kevin from 3B.

As I’ve said before, History explains why people do what they do. Society is the result of everything that has happened in the World to date. Which is why I don’t think teaching children History has any benefit. Having no personal history means that you don’t appreciate how history applies to you. It’s not until you have some History, and appreciate how History has shaped you, that it begins to interest you.

I know nothing about how the Israel – Palestine situation came about. I know very little about the make-up of the World before Dubya Dubya’s One and Two. But being a product of society might mean that the reasons for everything to date becomes hardwired into you brain. For example, being a cynic, product of a cynical society, I would guess that the Middle East is a mess because of post-war share-outs between the victors. This is what screwed up Korea. This is what screwed up Europe.

My point exactly. I have said “This is..” and been very sure all through this post, and I have no knowledge to back it up. So this is what it is like to write for a newspaper…

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