I’d rather not Blog in Hindi

I do not speak Hindi, or read it, nor can I pick it out of a lineup of non-Roman-character languages. So why am I forced, by default, to disable “blog in Hindi” when I write a new post, hmmm? I have nothing against Hindi, or Hindus, or any word that begins with ‘hind’. Indeed, I have great warmth in my heart for the word “hindquarters”.

Please, oh mighty denizens of the Googleplex, can you make this a configurable option? I’m sure this would not have been implemented like this if Larry wasn’t preoccupied with place settings and seating arrangements.

Fix it. It’s terribly broken. Or, as FireBug would have it, “RichEdit.frameDoc.body has no properties [Break on this error] tmpBody.innerHTML = RichEdit.frameDoc.body.innerHTML;”. Wise words indeed.

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