Is Aid for America Right?

It is the done thing these days that nations support each other, especially in times of crisis. Which is why everyone in the world is sending Aid to America to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Even countries whom America has pounded in one way or another has sent aid; e.g. Afghanistan, Iran to name but two, prompting Graeme Norton to brand it “Sarcastic” Aid.

I was blown away by how quickly the World responded to the Tsunami last year. Britons stumped up an astonishing amount, quickly embarrassing the amount the government had pledged.

I just get the feeling that automatically pledging aid in every case isn’t always right. In the case of Hurricane Katrina, the devasted nation is the richest in the world, and even third world countries are sending aid. I understand that most of this aid is token, but sending aid to America is like endorsing the US administrations lack of regard for their own people and their interventionist foreign policy1.

I think America should be rather more introspective in their spending and concentrate on their internal problems. Bringing their brand of righteousness to the world2 while their own citizens wait 8 days for aid seriously undermines their credibility, if stomping American values round the world gives you any cred in the first place.

As for Aid, the people of the Southern US unquestionably need help, but they shouldn’t have to rely on Aid from poorer countries when their own government is pissing away money violating the soverignty of other nations.

1 At least they haven’t asked for any.
2 Mainly by the sword, I hasten to add.

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