On the Sixth Day, he panicked…

What follows is a dramatic reconstruction of the events that happened in Heaven, on Day 6 of the Great Universe Build-off. God has just finished watching Match of The Day and is just finishing off a few odds and ends…

Right, what’s left to do? Oo, Korea. Right, there’s Korea, bit more of a bend in it…there! Right, stick it onto China…..rrrr, come on! Right, it’s hammer time! {BANG-BANG-BANG-SNAP!} Bugger. OK, North Korea and South Korea. That’s OK. Need to stick them together; there’s too many islands as it is, especially after I dropped Canada onto Greece. Shit, no glue left. What do we have? Oh well, landmines it is then. There…

Geologic faults. Best close my eyes for this one. {THUD-CRACK!} There! Wo, what are the chances. Those cities aren’t going to last long. Mind you, that may sort out the moral fibre issues. Thursday afternoon was not great.

Next…North Africa. I’ve wasted enough time on this already; I just can’t decide what to put there. Hmmm, all out of trees but I do have a big load of sand left. But every other land at that latitude is pretty green; it’ll look shoddy. Oh well, desert it is {SAND}.

Err… Greenland. I’ll just cover that in snow and ice {SNOW & ICE}; that’ll keep them guessing. And I’ll give it to…..this tiny flat country down with the guys with the pointy helmets. Give them somewhere to row to. Hope what’s left of Canada isn’t too much of a mess. I’ll just make it really cold like Greenland and no-one will go there.

Right, still lots of odds and ends in the animals parts bin. We have…..duck feet and bills…..dolphin tails….pouches…..a shitload of little furry bodies…..hippo faces…..long bones…..long spiral horns. Throw them in the air, where they land…{TOSS-SPLAT!}..huh! That…sorta works. A little rabbit-thing with duck bits and pockets. I’ll just put them down the bottom; maybe no-one will notice. Oops, the horns fell onto those whales…..dude, cool!

OK, a few minutes left. Let’s put some brown people over here in the white country and some white people in the brown country and we’ll just see who lasts longest. Just make sure that all the hotel room bedside tables have Bibles in them….Good.

Right, last but not least, the piece de resistance, Tolerance, Wisdom, Restraint, Respect; my finest creations. Without them, this world will be Hel…{BEEPETY-BEEP}..What’s that beeping? Oh shit, it’s Midnight! It’s Sunday! Fuck! The whole week out the window. Oh, Man!, these guys are so screwed!

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