The Palace has a new champion!

I’m finally caught up processing the backlog of unrighteousness that had built up, so while I’ve got some spare time waiting for some more to come in, I needed a project.

So I’ve been spring cleaning the Palace: getting rid of all the empty bags of mess and stuff that were lying around and I found the Boy Wonder kit I bought like months ago and never got around to putting together. I got it in a sale. I think it had been returned as it turns out some of the bits are missing. Seems to work fine though.

Anyway, I now have some company in the Palace. Someone to help handle the load, so that we can be proactive in our Righteousness, rather than reactive which, I think we can all agree, is not the situation to be in.

Some of the missing pieces were to do with guidance and cognitive functions, so his input might be a bit erratic to start with, but I’m a great believer in the powers of electroshock therapy, stroboscopic lighting and duct tape1.

So, without any ado, and no applause please, here’s BoosterBoy. Take a bow, ‘Boy.

1The plus side to the War on Terror is that people are much more forgiving towards ones approach to cultural education and information control.

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