The View from My Window 9/3/06

Monthly progress report on the building site next door. For those keeping track, you can view last months report here.

The site has been cleared and BigYellowDigger has been fired and replaced with BIGYellowDigger, who spent the last two weeks making big mounds of earth. It didn’t take two weeks to make mounds of earth with a digger. Oh no. It took two weeks to move the mounds of earth around the site until the got them where they wanted them, where they looked nice. And then they removed them completely.

While the mounds of earth were around, BIGYellowDigger took to sitting on top of them. As if being BIG and Yellow weren’t enough, it has to build itself a cushioned pedestal on which to place its caterpillar tracks.

I’ve been off for a couple of days. Before I went, there were guys with theodelites going round surveying the site. Now I’ve come back and the guys have gone and there are lots of little crosses around the place. Evidently BIGYellowDigger went off on one and squished all the theodelite guys. In a morbid touch, the crosses are all yellow, no doubt to remind us of their little yellow coats and who perpetrated the heinous crime. And BIGYellowDigger, the murderer, is still there, merrily digging like nothing happened.

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